ELM Computer Systems

More than just Software & Service

Custom Software

ELM Computer Systems has been developing software from the very beginning. Three of our in-house projects (AvanTax Auto, AvanTax eForms and our Remote Data Collection System) have become respected "brand names" in and of themselves. In addition to these, we also develop custom software and one-offs; each designed to solve a specific problem or address a single need.

From donation recording to payroll; warehouse tracking to printer switching our software specialists have the skills to design the solution you need and the ability to work with you down the road as your needs change. If your business growth or efficiency is being hindered by the limitations of off-the-shelf software, ELM will work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Whether it's a minor customization of your existing software, or the development of a complete new system, we can help you improve your productivity by designing a product that works the way you do.

Why not give us a call, you just might find that we can solve a problem that's been bugging you for years.